State of the Union Q4 2023

The build_republic closed out 2023 by bringing forward more of the foundational elements that were in our backlog into the forefront. Many of the components are starting to "gel" together and we couldn't be more excited for what 2024 will bring. Here are just a few of the highlights from Q4:

Welcomed New Dreamers

We welcomed eighteen new Dreamers to the ecosystem with a total of 41 YTD since the release of build_dreams in Q3. Dream NFTs double as premium membership into the build_republic which includes voting access, exclusive access to both platform features and internal network, plus the ability to secure a residence at a hacker house for the upcoming ETH Denver.

Commercial Real Estate Pilot Secured

build_republic has secured a pilot project with a prominent real estate developer in Northwest U.S. set to take place in Q1 of 2024. This pilot will incorporate both community-as-a-service elements as well as the digital platform for surfacing projects and connections within a specific 5-story commercial office building.

Running L1 & Bitcoin L2 Infrastructure

In addition to making strides in physical real estate with the CRE pilot above, build_ is now running digital infrastructure in an emerging feeless L1 that doubles as a Bitcoin L2 called Zenon.  By positioning ourselves early in this ecosystem we will be able to coincide our growth with an L1 that most closely mirrors the Bitcoin ethos.

The build_republic Pillar on Zenon

"Better" Ecosystem Playbook Pre-Release

The ecosystem playbook that build_[city] chapters are based off of is in pre-release authored by co-founder Nick Smoot and his decade-plus experience of building startup communities and economies. Expect to see a lot more of its contents in 2024.

Design Complete for Q1 2024

We closed out all designs to implement into the platform for 2024 development cycle. These include the following integations:

-Live Video Integration into platform for hosting virtual events (Expected release Jan '24)

-New city voting module with satellite (via CryptoSat) tamper-proof vote validation (Expected release Jan '24)

-Events (Expected release Jan '24)

-Universal onboarding (removes Discord-only login - Expected release Feb '24)

-Universal network creation (moving beyond Discord servers - Expected release Feb '24)

-Fiat membership checkout for Dreamer membership purchases (Expected release Feb '24)

New Landing Page!

As we head into 2024, it was imperative to continue iterating on our narrative and this is better reflected in the new landing page that better demonstrates our position as a global cooperative of startup ecosystems, economies, and cities.

Onwards to a new chapter of building cities.