Building Cities With Dreams

The year is 2028, an aerospace engineer in Iquique, Chile collaborates with a software engineer in Bizerte, Tunisia. They're preparing a critical update for a rocket launch set to soar from Māhia Peninsula, New Zealand.

In Cambodia, a toll bridge over the Mekong River is built by a decentralized guild of civil engineers hailing from thirty different countries. The bridge will drastically enhance the supply chain between two cities, with the tolls being split in real-time on a distributed ledger to the 5000+ backers who financed it.

Meanwhile, a determined founder based in the heart of West Virginia's Shenandoah Mountains secures a growth stage financing round in Bitcoin for her construction robotics startup that will add 150 new jobs to the rural area and allow her to work where her family resides.

These are just a few of the many visions to enable in the build_republic: a supranational network of startup cities. Today, they start with the dreams that we weave together.

Enter build_dreams - a Multiplayer Dream Creator

If you ask a resident of any country or city today “what does [city/country] mean to you?”, you’ll get a different answer from each respondent.  Part of what makes a national or local identity so powerful is that we each get to define and own our vision for the area.  We each get to contribute what makes that area special.  True ownership begins with our dreams.

When these dreams get built, our legacies become permanently etched in the world for all to see.  In every city and every country, we are bound by a shared duty to coordinate our ideas, resources, knowledge, and ambitions. Together, we are not just building structures - we are building our dreams.

To honor this philosophy, we're launching build_dreams - a dynamic multiplayer canvas for minting digital assets.  This release is embedded directly into our platform, fueling not only collaborative creations but also bootstrapping the identity, communities, and build_[city] treasuries for allocating resources into cities across the globe. Let’s dive in a little more, starting with how it works:

The gameplay of build_dreams is simple. Creators participate by simply adding or replacing words in a collaborative prompt window.  Every three minutes a Dream Preview that reflects the current collaboration in the prompt window. Any number of creators can participate simultaneously, with the words being updated in real-time on both web and mobile interfaces.

build_dreams interface live on web and mobile

Every three minutes the Dreams are rotated in the preview window, where anyone can also permanently inscribe the current Dream for 0.1 ETH by minting it in the display window. The Genesis Edition of the build_dreams collection launches with a limited release of 3,000 unique Dreams (Note: the only trait for these NFTs is “Total Unique Authors;” a higher degree of collaboration = higher rarity) and the purpose of these Dreams is two-fold.

Dreamers Activate build_[city] Treasuries

Dreamer Membership

Minting a Dream doubles as the first premium access tier (shown below) into the build_republic, which comprises the supranational network of build_[city] ecosystems. The build_republic membership unfolds across four tiers, culminating in citizenship status.

Entrance into these tiers is sequential, not independent. In order to become a future Resident or Citizen, for example, it is required to have a Dreamer membership first. Privileges for Dreamers are annotated throughout the platform and within exclusive forum channels, while the Guest tier will always be publicly available.

Dreamers will also have additional weight in shaping the network structure and future Resident and Citizen tiers. The most significant of these privileges lies in the power to influence decision-making, specifically in determining the first ten build_[city] treasuries.

Minting a Dream unlocks the Dreamer membership tier, a prerequisite for becoming a Resident and Citizen.

build_[city] Treasuries

Dreamer membership proceeds are split two ways.  90% of all proceeds are automatically routed to a galactic treasury, which in turn is used for distribution to build_[city] ecosystems as determined by Dreamers.  This forms the foundation for the protocol to support projects, grow the network, and reach our shared objectives.  The remaining 10% supports the core contributors to ensure the protocol's operational costs and maintenance.

Flow of funds in the build_republic: From Dreamer memberships to Galactic Treasury to the first ten build_[city] ecosystems

As of this writing, the final distribution to build_[city] treasuries will be decided upon by the Dreamers to ten different treasuries once the Genesis Edition of build_dreams is fully minted.  With 3,000 unique Dreams available for a fixed mint of 0.1 ETH and a 90% split, this equates to a total of ~270 ETH for the initial seeding of build_[city] ecosystems before any treasury diversification events.  Both the process for deciding which ten build_[city] treasuries and the final allocations will be informed and ratified by the Dreamers should they choose to participate in the governance of the network.

A Supranational Network of Networks

As the base unit of the build_republic, each build_[city] ecosystem evolves through three stages as shown below. Activating a treasury effectively converts the ecosystem into a full-stack DAO with a multi-sig of local ecosystem builders, essentially forming a digital twin for the city. From there, the ecosystem has full autonomy coupled with the resources and network of the broader build_republic. This release and genesis edition of build_dreams serves as the first pilot for bootstrapping the network to activate ten Stage III build_[city] ecosystems.

The evolution of build_[city] ecosystems into full-stack city DAOs

The release of build_dreams also marks the transition from Phase I to Phase II on our roadmap below. In the coming months, we will be releasing several new features such as Town Square, Hubs, Events, & more that will help the guide the evolution of build_[city] ecosystems. These releases will provide the framework for Dreamers, their Cities, and their Networks to shape the build_republic and the treasury activation decisions.

Transitioning from Phase I (Discover) to Phase II (Engage)

Unlocking Hidden Equity

Startup Genome estimates the cumulative value of the top 100 emerging ecosystems at $1 trillion (a 96% increase from 2021 to 2022 alone). The continued decentralization of capital and talent will fuel these emerging ecosystems and seed entirely new ones. Our mission at build_republic within these tailwinds is to unlock the hidden equity in communities around the world.

Today, a lot of equity is trapped around the globe due to proximity, politics, or perception. Resources and expertise consolidate into a handful of ecosystems but now cross borders on the internet. Passports limit our physical mobility but we can now teleport over Zoom. Perception of pedigree feeds bias but GitHub repos, design portfolios, product demos, etc. show that merit is merit.  In an era where the GDP of the internet does not have latitude or longitude coordinates, people can create value literally anywhere and no idea should remain grounded.

By leveraging and orchestrating the most cutting-edge digital infrastructure, the build_republic platform enables an asset-light approach for connecting and enabling digital networks within the cities we are already affiliated with. This lays the foundation for a "community-before-concrete" strategy of IRL activations around the world that include investments into startups, small businesses, real estate, public goods, and more. The release of build_dreams is the first step in crossing that bridge to seed and scale the startup cities of tomorrow.

While we will continue to introduce additional features in the coming months such as Events, Town Square, Hubs & more, the foundation is set to advance a supranational platform for the future, and it all starts with your dreams.

To get started, simply signup or login through the "Launch" button on this screen to begin the journey and experience build_dreams.