State of the Union Q3 2023

In his book "Order without Design: How Markets Shape Cities," Alain Bertaud's seminal idea posits that cities burgeon from the seeds of markets; outlining a symbiotic dance between urban economics and city planning. Bertaud's decades of planning experiences across 40 global cities unearths a cardinal truth: the vitality of labor markets and aptly designed infrastructure are the lifeblood of burgeoning cities.

At build_republic, we've always taken a "community before concrete" philosophy and while there has been pressure to delve headfirst into real estate, our long term vision can only be realized through a foremost emphasis on project-based communities. We're not merely erecting physical structures; we're growing an ecosystem where ideas can start in a chatroom, manifest in the Builders Forum, grow into a venture, create new jobs in new markets, and ultimately pioneer new ecosystems and new cities. We've been very deliberate about breaking down this grand vision into pragmatic and actionable steps month-over-month. Here is how these pieces have come together for Q3

Builder's Forum As Foundation for Project-Based Communities

We recently introducted our virtual Builder's Forum event series which has proven to be a staple in fostering a project-based culture. The format is simple:

  1. ​Share what you're building (New or existing; max 15 min. per update)
  2. ​Find support, collaborators, and accountability
  3. ​Get updates on the build_republic

From this forum there have been several emergent ventures that have either already proven commercial viability or are about to enter the market.

GitUnion: An AI product development companion integrated natively into GitHub that essentially turns any Git repo into a DAO.

Jori: Jori allows medical patients to earn income from their healthcare data while also enabling researches AI-augmented querying of population-level health data. Jori has already secured revenue-generating medical provider contracts.

Fermi.Fun: An EdTech platform that gamifies Fermi estimation to learn about any topic in a quantitive manner.

Staxe: A platform for financing artist events and productions.

Yerba: A fully automated onboarding and questing platform to nurture and engage online communities.

Zenon: A new Layer 1 originating from BTC talk forum leveraging a dual PoW-PoS architecture.

These are just a few of the many projects coming through the ecosystem and in Q4 these Builders Forums will be hosted natively into the platform followed by a Q1 introduction of local IRL Builders Forum events.

Builder's Forum MVP Tracker

Ecosystem Leads Taking Up Mantle for build_[city] Chapters

With the platform foundation in place, we are starting to decentralize our operations into the respective build_[city] ecosystems. This starts with the digitally-native awareness of the ecosystems and as such multiple members have stepped forth to post stories of local innovation on their respective social accounts primarily on X and LinkedIn.

build_tucson social account

Dreamer Membership Ramping Up

With the release of build_dreams, we've sold over 28 membrships to date generating 2.8 ETH for the global treasury of which will be allocated to the first ten build_[city] treasuries that Dreamers will vote for allocation. The AI Dream generator has yielded some inspiring themes ranging from historical remixes to martian landscapes.

Dreamer Membership Gallery

RWA R&D with Cougar DAO

Our on-chain property management and development with Cougar DAO is yielding a wealth of insights as an RWA R&D lab that is also financially sustainable, generating revenue across 2/3 distinct properties with one under development that accrues on-chain to our respective ownership shares.

E-Comm Rollout on the Horizon

Coming to the build_[city] streets near you...stay tuned.

Soon accessible for all build_[city] ecosystems

Mentor Network & Partnerships

In conjunction with our joint venture with Innovation Collective, we have also joined forces with Conduit Venture Labs, which brings a 200+ mentor network of some of the most experienced hardware executives in the tech industry. Over the next few months you can expect to see a deeper integration of these networks to ensure we are matching the right mentors with the right builders. If you'd like to discuss future partnership opportunities with your organization, please reach out.

Q4 & Beyond

Looking ahead, we continue to chip away at our roadmap and you can expect to see events integration as well as our first governance mechanism accessible by all Dreamers to vote on the addition of new cities on the platform. Following this into 2024, we expect to integrate projects, hubs (physical spaces), and build_[city] treasuries with the aim of entering phase III by the end of 2024 and the activation of the network-wide $BLDG incentive structure.

If you'd like to be a more active participant, the best course of action is to join one of the weekly Builder's Forum. Until then, see you in the build_republic. Onward.