State of the Union March 2023

March marks one of the biggest releases since the platform release in Q4 with the arrival of build_dreams on testnet which marks the beginning of a new chapter in funding build_[city] chapters all over the world.

build_dreams live on testnet

The build_dreams feature is complete on testnet. This will be one of our most exciting releases to date and serves as the primary revenue driver that will get distributed into the different build_city chapters via the Treasury functionality. Each Dream NFT also doubles as premium access into the broader build_republic platform. Future features such as Hubs, Events, etc. will all be gated for those who hold at least one Dream NFT. Expected mainnet release will is slated for the end of April.

build_treasury under development

Following closely behind build_dreams will be the Treasury release.  As mentioned above, the majority of proceeds (90%) from Dream NFT sales will go towards a global treasury which can then be distributed to the different build_[city] chapters in accordance with DAO governance.  In the near to medium term, funds will be secured at the global level until a process can be finalized for city distribution based on activity/merit.

$BLDG Token Engineering Academy

Governance guild member Voytek from Prague has initiated the process for gathering stakeholder inputs in a bi-weekly token engineering academy which will serve as the foundational layer for the tokenomics construction of $BLDG made accessible to all contributing members of the build_republic.

Looking Ahead

Expect a mainnet release of build_dreams in early May and the subsequent release of build_treasury in June. We are design scoped for the remainder of 2023 and have way more in store for this year and beyond. It's just the beginning.