State of the Union February 2023

February marked another breakthrough of the cloud-> land barrier and another humble month of building the foundation of the product to ensure the scaleability of our mission of building startup cities based on shared values, collective ownership, and human flourishing.

Visiting the Farm in Haxtun, Colorado

During ETH Denver, we got to visit the 160 acre plot of farmland purchase that build_republic participated in as a "cloudfunding" proof of concept led by CougarDAO. The farm is in NE Colorado just outside of a small town called Haxtun and the trip made the cloud -> land transition much more real.  We spent the better half of the afternoon speaking with the tenant who is a 4th generation farmer in the area who was very appreciative of our time to visit and shared a plethora of insights about the region, the agricultural industry, and challenges going forward. The town of Haxtun has never fluctuated drastically above/below a population of about 1000 and the corn grown in the area serves a variety of end products to include a premium variety of popcorn that gets exported to Mexico.

Newly Claimed Networks

Since its release last month, we've already had 8/10 eligible networks claim their network in the web app with subsequent minting on-chain. By claiming a network, these communities benefit from higher visibility in the directory plus a unique profile that displays the description, social links, contract addresses (if applicable), and even a verification check mark if verified by the server owner.

Sov City HH (ETH Denver Edition)

ETH Denver is where build_republic got our start last year and this year carried on this momentum.  Highlights included a Sov City HH with 25+ attendees from Prospera, Afropolitan, Cabin, Kift, 1729, and build_.  We also had the opportunity to present at the Bufficorn Ventures Demo Day.  Lastly, we had the chance to interact and build relations with several teams from the hackathon to include a project (GitUnion - digital credit unions for Git repos/orgs) that we are now exploring to incubate with another global venture studio.

Looking Ahead

The core team is currently heads down on the release of build_dreams and the associated city treasury functionality which will allow for the distribution of non-dilutive funding for city ecosystems and their associated projects.