State of the Union December 2022

December's updates are short and sweet but reflect the culmination of nine years of community building R&D and eighteen months of development work for the mobile app. Right up to the last day of the year the app was finally approved through both Apple and Android stores for release to help bootstrap innovation in any community around the world.

Mobile App in Final Testing

The mobile app is approved for release on both Apple and Android stores.  This app serves as the onramp for industry-agnostic creators & builders in addition to providing leading indicators and actionable intelligence on workforce & economic development in any city around the world.  The web and mobile app have complementary feature sets that will over time start to cross pollinate as a strategy to 1) pull from both crypto-native and physical startup ecosystems 2) allow for complementary functionality.  See below for overview of combined ecosystem.  We are quietly distributing the app to our networks for additional testing and working through some known issues to include non-US phone verification.

Combined Ecosystem


Development is underway for the web app feature called "Dreammaker." This is a daily reoccurring game and NFT auction that leverages the latest in collaborative tooling, artificial intelligence, and NFT auction mechanisms to start generating funds for the broader ecosystem. Pending legal review, 90% of proceeds from the Dreammaker will go into a multisig address that will be used for startup development grants for any city around the world. More details to follow in upcoming State of the updates.

Get Involved

If you’re looking to get more involved with build_cities, here are the three primary ways to get started.

Until next month, let’s all keep building together.