State of the Union April 2023

April marked another breakthrough of the cloud-> land barrier and another humble month of building the foundation of the product to ensure the scaleability of our mission of building startup cities based on shared values, collective ownership, and human flourishing.

Newly Verified Networks

We released the "Verify Network" feature that gives networks their own profile in the build_republic, a verification badge, higher visibility in the directory, and premium access to future features. Since its release, we've had incredible communities such as Afropolitan, Catawba Digital Economic Zone, Well Built Cities, and more verify their network through the platform. If you are reading this and would like to verify your network simply login to the desktop web app, find your network, and click "Claim" to start the process.

More property acquisitions

From our partnership with CougarDAO, we now have joint exposure to three real estate properties, two of which are already generating income for build_republic. While it may be a small amount today, the accumulation of real world assets on the balance sheet will not only help to form a cooperatively owned network of properties, but also form the process for creating the software to manage, scale, and ultimately package the process as a SaaS product for wider use.

Newly purchased property in Cochise, AZ in partnership with CougarDAO and Fabrica

Virtual Presentation at Zuzalu

build_republic had the opportunity to give a virtual presentation at Zuzalu, Montenegro on the ability for network states to unlock equity for founders around the world and how we are creating the infrastructure to make it happen.

Looking Ahead

For the month of May and June, we will be focusing on the core product to address known issues and optimizations in preparation for a July 4th mainnet release of build_dreams.